What I’ve learned from going back to Nicaragua

I was born in Nicaragua but raised in Costa Rica. It had been eight years since the last’s time I visited my family. It was until this year that I went back and not even by my own choice, it was due to some residence issues.  Anywho, I had little to no memory about my … Continue reading What I’ve learned from going back to Nicaragua

An amazing date for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has become a loved yet hated holiday, possibly because it brings the memory of new relationships but also heartbreaks. Either way, regardless  of the situation it never has to be moments of sadness, it can in fact be so special and beautiful if you treat it just like your birthday. To this point … Continue reading An amazing date for Valentine’s Day

Just Keep Looking Forward

Or as Dory likes to say just keep swimming. Life is definitely a crazy weird ride. A huge rollercoaster [I'm a poet]. People come and go, feelings change, we fall and what not but one thing is sure and it’s the fact that everything gets better. Sometimes it’s so hard to believe it specially when … Continue reading Just Keep Looking Forward

What to do when you’re Feeling Down

Being a little too honest here, I have gone through a lot of ups and downs when it comes to my feelings. Don't really know why and maybe is just part of life. Anywho during this weird state of mind I've gone to Pinterest just to find in the inspiration in there and it has … Continue reading What to do when you’re Feeling Down

4 Products for Self-Care

Hi hellooooooo, how are youuu? How are you doing, what’s new? What's poppin? [ew I said that because in my head sounds hilarious but honestly I'm ashamed] Today I will present to you the things I've used in my personal experience that leave me hydrated and happy. Turns out I have a big event coming … Continue reading 4 Products for Self-Care

What happened in May?

Helllloooooooooo, hiiiiii, oooh ok hi. I've seen a tons of other bloggers doing this sort of "coffee chats" every month and the science behind it is to recapitulate everything that's been going on in their lives. I'm on board with this now whyyyy you may ask [you're definitely not asking that and you don't care] … Continue reading What happened in May?