The Big Changes

Woooooooow so... forgot how to do this. After  2 weeks of being completely away from the internet, my first thought was well I want to do back to my little space on the internet and have my time here. Honestly there's nothing I can write that would be for someone else's interest but my own. … Continue reading The Big Changes


Copycat Acai Recipe

Dear, dear Acai (Açaí). The one thing EVERYONE loves at the moment. Everybody wants it, everybody needs it. Ok, kidding, that's an exaggeration but I ain't wrong though. In 2017 Acai bowls made their big debut all over instagram. For me, I feel like they appeared out of nowhere but that could just be my … Continue reading Copycat Acai Recipe

Don’t Catcall me

Catcalling is such an annoying, disgusting, unnecessary action. I don't see the point to make someone feel that uncomfortable, it just represents the lack of empathy it exists in the world. I am completely sure that the other person doesn't stop to think for a second how his/her actions would make someone feel and that … Continue reading Don’t Catcall me

My Mindset for Valentine’s Day

Oh how special it is, another year, another celebration. And NO, I am not a hater of valentine's day, I actually don't mind it, even when I used to be in a relationship, I still took it as a regular day, like meh. This time last year I was a senior, therefore valentine's day was … Continue reading My Mindset for Valentine’s Day